ALPHA project

Bulk imports

The bulk import function serves two goals:

  1. analysing multiple recipes at once
  2. analysing the dietary intake of research participants

For a successful bulk import, you need to prepare a csv file:

Columns: ID,bodyWeight,mealId,mealName,productCode,quantity (use these header names, capital-sensitive)

Rows: One row per recipe ingredient / food item eaten

ID: identifier for the person eating the meal (participant_001) or the group under which recipes fall (such as a meal cycle, Spring 2024)

bodyWeight: bodyweight in kilograms

mealId: identifier for the recipe / mealmoment. The MPQS is calculated on this level. If your database has multiple days per participant, use a daymeal format such as 14022012_1 for the breakfast of 14-2-2012.

mealName: name for the recipe (Vegan stew) or meal (Breakfast)

productCode: foodcode, currently only NEVO codes work

quantity: amount of ingredient/food item in grams

Example csv download here