ALPHA project


In this project, we work with a European consortium. The partners are listed below.

Wageningen University

Wageningen University aims to explore the potential of nature to improve the quality of life. Sustainability and healthy diets fit well within the main activities of the university. Wageningen University leads this project, and is involved in the focus group meetings and database management.> website

Food Informatics

Being part of Wageningen University and Research, the Food Informatics group aims to efficiently use food intake data to provide evidence-based advice to consumers. Having a ton of experience in algorithm building and data handling, and a (geographically) close connection to nutritional experts, Food Informatics is the ideal partner to turn the large streams of data into tangible advise to Alpha's end-users.> website

University of Copenhagen

University of Copenhagen, and especially the Department of Nutrition, Exercise and Sport, have a lot of expertise and knowledge around the role of dietary protein in healthy ageing. The researchers who are involved in Project Alpha have played a central role in the developments of both the EFSA protein guidelines and the Nordic Nutrition Recommendations - making them the excellent partner in this project. University of Copenhagen will lead the design and conduct of the focus group meetings.> website


The Romania-based IT company BEIA will be involved in building the front-app of the tool. Based on the input they receive from the focus groups in Wageningen and Copenhagen, they will built the right user interface. BEIA has many years of experience working in European projects, with Universities and even with building food-related applications. > website