ALPHA project

Project timeline

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February 2022

Start project, kick-off meeting with project members 24-02-2022
The kick-off meeting of project ALPHA took place on the 24th of February. The project, led by Pol Grootswagers of the Wageningen University (WUR), is part of the European Active and Assisted Living (AAL) programme. This programme supports, through national funding agencies, innovative and translational projects carried out in partnership with SME's, with the aim of improving the quality of life of the elderly.
During the kick-off, the members of the project team agreed on their method of work and coordination, discussed the first deliverables and reviewed their work plan for the next months.

March-May 2022

Recruitment of end-users
Groups of older adults and dietitians (n=48 in total) have been recruited in Denmark and the Netherlands
First focus group meeting with the experts, with the focus on ‘understanding’.
A first meeting with the focus group performing a UTE analysis (User-Task-Environment Analysis) has been completed. Additional requirements and features from the user's perspective have been identified.

August/September 2022

Second focus group meeting with the experts, with the focus on ‘conseptualising’.
We will have a brainwriting session, aiming to generate ideas for functions and services that could further improve the application.
Meeting with the project members
To discuss the features to be included in the final product (selection list). Results from the brainwriting session will be discussed.

November 2022

Third focus group meeting with the experts, with the focus on ‘testing’.
An online version of the application is ready to use and will be evaluated via a cognitive walkthrough followed by co-discovery.
If possible: Start of the testing phase
During this second half, a panel of older adults (n=30) will use the application for 3 weeks, if already available by that time.

December 2022

Meeting with the project members
The end of the project and the final formation of the application