ALPHA project

Focus group meetings completed


This week, we have had the final round of focus groups with dietitians and older adults, in The Netherlands and in Copenhagen. The focus groups are thereby finished. In three different sessions, in June, September, and November, we gathered targeted input from these potential end-users of the tool. They expressed their specific needs, the circumstances in which they would use the tool, ideas for additional functionalities, and the design of the application. In the final focus group meeting, we were able to show them the first screens of the tool! We have received a lot of information on the clarity of these screens, and we know exactly how to keep on developing.

The current project is almost at its end. The 9 months funded by AAL end in December. This means that we are busy with writing the final report and manuscript and that we are actively seeking new investors/subsidies to further develop the tool. In the next phase, we aim to test the calculations and feedback of the AI by running simulation data, and after improving identified flaws, test the application in a real-life setting. So, stay tuned, because this adventure is all but over!

User Task Environment, Brainwriting, Walt Disney Method, and Cognitive Walkthrough were used to co-create the amino acid tool in focus groups with dietitians and older adults

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